Package Child Craniosacral Therapy (3 treatments)

This is a package of 3 craniosacral therapy treatments for children, suitable for children requiring or wishing to have a series of consistent treatments, all of which include a bespoke Bach Flower Remedy for emotional/mental support.

Please click on 'learn more' for the single child session to find out more about what to expect at a craniosacral treatment session and you can also download a 'storyboard' from this page too, which you can show to your child to prepare them for their visit. I also have videos explaining what happens during a session.

The package cost is £195 (usual cost £225 if booked individually) and you can book all treatments online.


All 3 treatments must be taken within 8 weeks of the first treatment date. There is flexiblity to change any of your treatment dates/times using my online booking system. Note that I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy, so any appointment changes should be made outside of this timeframe. No refunds are offered.

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