Single Adult Craniosacral Therapy Treatment (75 minutes)

Treatment duration: 75 minutes

Cost: £90

I offer a combination of a consultation, your craniosacral treatment and the time needed to make a bespoke Bach rememdy for you to take home after your session.

I offer a safe, open and confidential space and I encourage you to use this opportunity to really be yourself. There is no subject that is off limits and you can feel secure knowing I have your healing at heart in everything I offer.

The treatment (given over the clothes) will be up to at least 45 minutes of this time and I work with you in a very intuitive way  - connecting to your physical body, emotional body and to your individual essence and spiritual wisdom.

You will feel very relaxed after the session and I suggest you take some time out before you go back into your usual daily activities. Cranial work can be very deep so you can expect to feel some subtle shifts following a treatment but these usually settle in a few days.

I usually recommend you have a minimum of 3 sessions, to see if this approach is effective for you.

I offer a discounted package of 3 treatments (cost £250).

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