A little bit about myself

I have been a Craniosacral Therapist since 2015 (I trained at College of Craniosacral Therapy and I am fully insured and a member of Craniosacral Association of the United Kingdom) and before this I studied other modalities to support mental and physical health, including the Bach Flower system since 2017 (I am listed on the Bach Foundation of International Registered Practitioners).

More recently I have trained as a yoga teacher and I have a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. I regularly undertake courses to ensure my continuing professional development as a therapist.

The imprint of my early life growing up in Northern Ireland in the 70’s and 80’s and the challenges of family life later on is what ultimately led me to study Craniosacral Therapy, and other modalities, to help others.

My Services

Craniosacral Therapy

This gentle therapy is offered over the clothes as you lie on a couch, to bring balance and release in your nervous system, the epicentre of your body’s communication system. Chronic physical stress which may manifest as migraines, sciatica or lower back pain can all be treated. I treat all ages; from babies who have experienced birth trauma to adolescents who feel anxious, to those in their adult or later years. Mental health can also be supported with this therapy.

Bach Flower Remedies

This therapy involves treating emotional pain or upset with flower essences to help balance and resolve mental and emotional stress. I offer a safe space to share your emotions in a safe and non-judgemental way and then I offer a bespoke Bach Flower mix specific to your needs which will help bring more clarity to your mind and ease mental stress. Bach Flower consultations are offered online and if you have a Craniosacral treatment you also have the option to receive a bespoke mix as part of that session.