Child Craniosacral Therapy Treatment (0-16 years)

Craniosacral Therapy is probably best known for helping babies following birth when they may be experiencing colic, crying for long periods, not sleeping well or are generally unsettled. This can happen due to a challenging birth where there may have been intervention (ventouse/forceps) or perhaps baby had to be taken away from mum in the early days for various reasons - so baby is still in shock. A craniosacral therapy treatment can help baby find alignment very gently and feel more at ease in their new body.

New mothers can often feel stressed from the birth and all the responsibilities that come with their new baby, so I also offer treatments to help mothers to rest and restore on both a physical and mental level. Please contact me directly to ask about such restorative treatment sessions if I have not treated your baby in the first instance.

Treatments are offered to babies with parents and even grandparents present if wished, and all babies also receive a Bach remedy mix to take home. First appointments are one hour long, and I will advise on follow up appointments depending on individual needs. Note the first appointment may last up to 75 minutes depending on your needs.

I treat toddlers, younger children of primary school age and adolescents. I consider young people over 16 years as an adult and as such, require longer treatments in most instances. If your child is of this age please book an adult first appointment and I can advise on the length of any follow up appointments when we meet.

Click on an image below to download an animation of what happens in a treatment - to help younger children to understand what to expect when they visit.

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