Bach Flower Remedy First Consultation (in-person & online)

In this session we have one hour to fully explore who you are, your history and all with a gentle focus on your emotional health. Life can knock us and we are emotional beings. Using the Bach Flower Remedy System we can use the flowers to help restore emotional balance and help return you to a place of groundedness and peacefulness.

Feeling out of balance emotionally can affect our life very deeply and the Bach remedy system can be a great support during such times of stress. This system comprises 38 flower essences all created from nature for bringing balance to different emotional states; from feeling fearful to feeling lonely or isolated, or simply feeling general stress which we often find hard to fully pinpoint why. I can support you to dig deeper into the causes of your stress and find the perfect remedy mix that can help balance your most challenging emotions. With over 293 million combinations we can create a mix that is unique to for your mental state.

As we talk through this session we will explore a little of your story so I can help guide you to the flowers that would best support you at this time. This session also allows for you to have an opportunity to say how you really feel or what might be troubling you. Please be open as that helps me to help you. Our time together is safe and 100% confidential.

When we have agreed the best bespoke mix of up to 7 flower remedies, I will make this up and post your remedy which comes in liquid form for you to take over the next 3 weeks or so. More information about your remedy and how it can help you will be discussed during our session.

Bach flower essences are completely safe and natural and suitable for all ages. I qualified as a practitioner from the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, and I teach the remedy system too.

Note: you should continue to take any meditation perscribed by your GP. The Bach flowers will offer additional support and are completely natural and safe.

For more information about the Bach Remedy system see

After 3 weeks I suggest a short follow up session to continue to allow the flowers to support you and I support you via WhatsApp/email during the time you are taking your bespoke mix.

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