Past Life Therapy

This Therapy is for anyone seeking a deeper healing process to understand why they may be experiencing challanges with emotional or physical issues which they are not able to resolve or fully understand, and which do not feel to be from this lifetime.

Due to the depth of the process, I offer 3 sessions within this therapeutic process as follows:

(NOTE: you can use my online diary/link to book your first Craniosacral Therapy session and the following sessions will be booked with me directly. Part of your payment is refundable should you not be able to be regressed. This is unusual, but can sometimes happen).

  1. A Craniosacral Therapy Treatment (1.5 hours) to understand your desire/need for a Past Life work and to ensure those needs are showing up clearly on your energetic body and that it would be helpful for you to embark on a Regression. We also ensure there is full understanding of any issues within the current lifetime and what themes are showing up for you. In this session I also explain fully what is involved in the Regression session itself and what to expect.
  2. A Past Life Regression (2 hours)
  3. A Follow-up session (30 minutes) undertaken within 5 day of your Regression, either on the phone or in-person. The aim of this session is to ensure you have fully gained all the insights and healing that is possible from your Regression.

All of the above should be undertaken within a 2 to 3 week period.

I am available throughout to support and guide.

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