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Space for your Soul

Space for your Soul

How to help your baby release trauma from his/her birth...

How to help your baby release trauma from his/her birth...


Soul Space Circles

New Group! Starting 28th February (then 28th March & 9th May)

I am opening my living room to a small group of 5 people monthly in 2019 to join me in a soul conversation.

These meetings will be lightly structured to allow you to open your heart and mind and to enable everyone present to process events in their lives and speak openly and honestly.

We all have an inherent wisdom and the aim of this group will be to create a dynamic space to speak your truth, or say how you are feeling about something you are finding challenging in your life at the moment, or anything else that feels relevant to you so you can come away with new insight and hopefully zest for moving forward in your life in a more clear and confident way.

I will be offering a combination of meditation, themes for the meeting, use of therapeutic cards and other prompts to start a 'soul conversation'.

Cost: £20 per person, £60 for the course*

Time: 10am - 11.30am & 7.30pm - 9pm

Venue: Rosebery, SL8 5AL

 *This will be a ‘closed’ group for the 3 sessions so we can work and share together in a familiar space with people who will become familiar. Also, whilst I am happy for you to bring a friend, I do not encourage you to come with your spouse or child or any close family members as this space is for individual work and sometimes that is better served by coming along on your own.

Breathing Workshop

If you would like to find more space, peace and calm in your life why not consider a breathing practice? In this workshop yoga teacher Amanda Turner and I will be sharing some practical and simple breathing techniques to show you how powerful conscious breathing can be.

Date: Saturday 16th March

Time: 10am - 11.30pm

Cost: £20 per person (£30 for two people booked at the same time - so why not bring a friend)?

Venue: A beautiful private studio in Hedsor, Bucks


Mother & Baby Clinic

Held every month in Bourne End, Bucks

I hold a low-cost Mother & Baby clinic every month at my treatment room in Bourne End. I set this up with the aim of encouraging new mums to try Craniosacral Therapy for relief of the common symptoms of birth trauma such as colic, poor sleeping and feeding in their newborn baby. I am also happy to treat toddler siblings who may be struggling to adjust to the changes taking place with the arrival of a new brother or sister.

Cost: £20 per child (sessions are 30 minutes)

Time: 10am - 1pm

Dates: Thursday 14th February, Thursday 7th March

To book at the next clinic click here:

I also encourage new mums to come along and have a treatment too and I offer a special rate for new mums (once I have met and treated baby) for an initial Craniosacral Therapy treatment to help with full healing and recovery from birth of baby.

Cost: £65 for a 75 minute treatment

Whilst a new baby is a wonderful miracle it can also be a time of stress and change at home as everyone adapts. Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle embodied way to process this time of change both physically and mentally.