Rosie walked into my treatment room with a nervous smile. I welcomed her and asked her to sit down whilst I returned my warmest smile. 

This young woman was here for a Past Life Regression and she had a specific intention for physical healing; her intention was to heal her pelvic floor and her bladder. 

At 24 years old, she had experienced anxiety since adolescence, which manifested physically as a strong desire to urinate even when her bladder was not full. Rosie is unusual. She is a very spiritual young woman, more so than probably most of her generation. During her time of anxiety as a young girl, she had sought out various ways of support in her day-to-day life including various complementary therapies, and so she was highly attuned to her body and her soul.

“Let’s talk again about what we are going to do together today and how the regression process works” I said. From my perspective it is important to ensure my client fully understands the process and what to expect. And to answer any questions.

Rosie informed me how she recently had support from a specialist pelvic physiotherapist with exercises to help her pelvic floor which had very poor tone – similar to that after a woman has had a baby. Yet Rosie has never given birth. She felt much better about her mental and physical health but wondered if there was more that had been carried into this life from a past life which was affecting her pelvic floor in some way. I had detailed notes to hand about her history and background from a previous session together.

“I’m not wearing any shoes. I have long auburn hair and I am wearing a pink dress”

This was her first statement of what she could see in the life she had just stepped into.

It took Rosie a little bit of time to see herself as a young girl of 6 years of age, which is normal. Going into a regression we move together through a series of gates, locks and keys so we effectively move from this life in gradual stages into another lifetime. We start with a physical relaxation so we can leave behind our body and our mind and move beyond the ‘veil’ we have overlaid when we are born when we forget everything that came before. In a regression we are stepping back. 

It takes time to ‘see’. 

From the place of entry when Rosie started to tap into her identity, we travelled forward in that lifetime in stages, so every significant event can be viewed. Amazingly, the soul guides the journey and every important stage is viewed. Sometimes this can mean a leap in time (within the life) by up to 20 years. Or more. But we journey together and trust the process.

As a Past Life Regression Therapist, I travel with the person in this experience, as well as guide them and we dialogue throughout. I can’t see everything, however, I see enough to be able to be a witness and sense into the experience. This way Rosie could fully relax and embrace all that she is feeling, seeing, smelling, touching and hearing. Using all our senses is very important. Some people sense by seeing, others by feeling and using more of their other senses. There is no right or wrong, it is just the way you process the world around you and in all of us, we tend to develop one or two senses over the others.

In the regression Rose lost her mother at a young age, she then married and fell pregnant but lost the baby close to term. She witnessed the birth, which was traumatic and then the grief at the loss of her baby which overlaid the grief she had losing her mother. 

 “I am on my own and my mother is not here to comfort me” she said as she cried at the loss of her baby after the birth.

More sadness followed as she never conceived again in that lifetime although there was a glimpse of happiness at the end of that life when she bonded with a young boy who she took care of. It felt that she had adopted or had become a carer for this boy who was not related to her.

In most regressions I take the person into the “inter-life” which is between the life they are experiencing and beyond death. With Rosie this was especially healing as she met her mother and her baby – she finally was able to hold the baby she lost in her arms. This was an exceptionally moving moment – Rosie cried on the couch as she released her grief and sadness. 

We journeyed a little more then returned, again moving through sets of gates, locks and keys and back to the present day. 

In this return journey we also undertake a “clearing” process which allowed Rosie to release any negative energy or blocks that may still be retaining in her body today. This means the experience allows for more healing in the emotional and physical body. Rose was able to clear her womb area and her heart – and in this process also find healing in her pelvic floor.

It can be a deeply healing experience to go into a Past Life once the intention is set. 

However, there are some important things to consider if you wish to undergo a Regression:

  • Find an experienced Regression Therapist and ensure you fully understand the process and have all your questions answered before you book in
  • Ensure the time is right for you. It’s not a process to be rushed in any way or simply to undertake just because you are ‘curious’ – you should have a good reason to do so
  • Allow yourself plenty of time on the day and afterwards to rest – it can be a tiring and emotional experience
  • A good Regression Therapist will prepare you well and take care of you afterwards too – sometimes more insights come in the days that follow a regression. Ensure you have a line of communication with your therapist afterwards for any questions you may have, or to check in with any new feelings, emotions or insights that may arise

If you are interested in undergoing an experience like Rosie did, you are welcome to get in touch.