Treatments & Prices

Debit and credit card payments are accepted

I offer mobile treatments in some circumstances - please enquire for further information (a mileage charge will apply)

I offer treatments in my garden studio and I have dogs who may be in the garden when you arrive for your treatment - please let me know in advance if you have an allergy or would prefer not to meet them for any reason and I will ensure they are sleeping quietly in the house before your arrival :-)


Adult Treatments

Initial treatments take 1 hour 30 minutes (£78) and also includes a Bach Flower remedy. Follow up treatments are up to 1 hour 10 minutes (£60). Each session includes a consultation followed by time on the couch for your treatment. Please leave some quiet time afterwards before you go back into your day as you will leave feeling deeply relaxed. The Bach remedy will continue to support your emotional health in the days and weeks that follow your craniosacral treatment.


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Sessions are one hour long (£50) and take place at your livery yard or where your horse is stabled. Note that for distances further than a 10 miles radius from Bourne End (SL85AL) a mileage charge will apply. 

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I belong to a wellness hub called SEED - a collection of alternative therapists and teachers local to my area who colloborate to provide wellness solutions, treatments and well-being events. Click on the logo for more info



Initial treatments are one hour (£50) for all children under 16 years old and 70 minutes for 17-18 year olds (£60). Follow up treatments for babies and toddlers (under 2 years) last 40 minutes (£40) and for children 2 - 16 years treatments last 50 minutes (£45). Follow up treatments for 17-18 year olds is £50. Newborn babies or younger children can be treated in mum or dads arms for maximum comfort. For older children mums or dads can stay in the room whilst their son or daughter is on the couch (it's a very peaceful space to meditate or you can bring a book to read if you wish). I include a Bach remedy with every first consultation. Children tend to respond very well to the remedies which support emotional health, are 100% safe and can be taken with any perscription medication.

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One past life regression (£130) includes a two hour regression with a 30 minute follow up session conducted over the phone within 3 - 5 days.

Please contact me to book or to request further information. Note this is offered only to those who have received a Craniosacral Therapy treatment from me prior to the regression (so suitability can be discussed).



If you would like to meet me to discuss your symptoms and find out if Craniosacral Therapy could help you I offer a 30 minute Taster session (£20). Note that this is a discussion session only and does not include any time on the couch. 


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Initial consultation which takes one hour (£65) and includes a bespoke Bach Remedy. Follow-up sessions take are a minimum of 30 minutes (£35) and also include a bespoke remedy. Additional follow up time can be requested in advance.

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