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Past Life Therapy

At times in our healing journey imprints and hidden memories from past lives can become apparent in a Craniosacral Therapy treatment; embodied trauma or emotional issues cam come to light from a time that existed before your current incarnation. When this arises I often suggest that a Past Life Regression could support the healing process. This is not undertaken lightly as it is a deep and profound journey but the insights and learning that can be gained from the experience can be very worthwhile.

I offer Past Life Therapy to clients I am already working with but please feel free to contact me to find out more and if you feel such Therapy could support you at the place you find yourself in at this current time.

Past Life Therapy is a series of 3 Regressions undertaken around 3 weeks apart where themes and other deeper issues are explored over time. However I also offer a one-off regression if that is more appropriate and it may be all you need to relieve long term chronic physical issues or emotional challenges which have yet to be healed.

Everyone is unique and I tailor this process to suit you perfectly. It is very gentle and I ensure I support you completely through your regression and the days that follow the experience.