Treating David - Session three (by Amber)

David came to this session with a very specific intention which was to work on the small point of energy which he said had remained between his shoulder blades as he was still able to have a sense of it from the last session (where it has been reduced to a much smaller pin point of pain/energy).

He also explained he had been continuing with the exercises in the Peter Levine book and had an interesting experience. One exercise had resulted in him revisiting the scene of the bomb except in the exercise he felt himself in the bus and not on the road opposite the bus which was the place where he actually was standing on the day of the explosion. We talked about this for some time and I we were not sure why that had happened but simply noted the details of the experience as David described it.

As the treatment started I decided I would make a contact with David’s sacrum (bone at the base of the spine) and occiput (bone at the base of the skull). I find this a very powerful contact; it feels like cradling the whole body by making contact only with the spinal area. So with my intention I scanned David’s spine starting at the sacrum and moving upwards, sensing each single vertebra as I did so. When I arrived at T4 (the fourth thoracic vertebrae) the intensity of energy in that part of the spine was overwhelming. I could see and sense that my focus there had affected David and he was deep in his own process so I simply stayed at that point for some moments. Then I decided to make another contact with the Falx Cerebri (a sickle shaped membrane which sits between the right and left hemisphere of the brain) and project down the spine from the top and moving towards T4 again. As I did so once again the intensity of energy was exceptionally powerful as that energy released from T4. David’s body physically quivered on the couch and mine did too; we were both shaking.

Then I had a very profound experience; as I closed my eyes I too was in the bus that day. I was in the lower deck at the back of the bus and in front of me I could see the poles in the aisle and the seats and where people were sitting I could see pillars of light. I could sense and feel what happened as the bomb went off; the power and energy of the bomb was incredible and I could feel how that energy expanded outwards through the bus and the people in it and then beyond the bus itself. I struggled to keep my contact on David’s head because the release was so powerful.

Then everything suddenly stopped; my body stopped shaking and so did David’s and both he and I became still and quiet. That intense and powerful energy was somehow gone. It had been released.

I then made a contact on Davis’s heart and as I did so he put his hand over mine as if to say “don’t take your hand away”. I could then sense soft replenishing energy returning to his heart. It was as if the blast all those years ago had left a vacuum in his chest and now that the energy of the bomb had been released from his system the energy of his heart started to fill up.

Again I wept. It was intense, beautiful, loving and I was filled with awe. It’s hard to put into words to what happened but I sincerely believe that the destructive energy of the blast had somehow resided in David’s spine. In previous sessions that energy had been reduced to one small concentrated point in his fourth thoracic vertebrae and in this session that point had been released.

David said he felt different immediately and also knew exactly what had happened in the session. He was not scared by what had happened and I was in awe of how he stayed with the process which was, at times, so powerful it had left him physically shaking on the couch. In the days and weeks that followed he reported back to me a feeling of peace in his body and mind, a feeling of more expanse and a greater connection to living and being.

Amber KellyComment