My first treatment (by David)

My first session with Amber was the 6th of July 2017. A significant day for me as it was the day before the 12th anniversary of the Tavistock square bus bombing. An incident I was witness to and have carried the memory and trauma of that day for 12 years.

I was looking forward to my visit as I already knew Amber so I wasn’t apprehensive at all but there was still the thought that the next day I would be attending the memorial service and meeting once again the victims and families of those that were killed so there was a slight feeling of nervousness when I arrived.

Amber dispelled any feeling of apprehension as soon as I arrived. She is so welcoming and warm it was impossible to feel anything but calm. It was a very hot day and the session had to be done in the house and not in the studio as it was a lot cooler there. This made no difference at all as Amber had made the room comfortable and really calming.


My head was gently cradled in the treatment

and I drifted into a safe place...


We had a short chat about what had been my issues and we talked about how I felt also the PTSD aspect of my health. During which I found that this eased me into the session. I had also suffered an injury to the base of my skull resulting in damage to my nerves in my face which has left me with a numb feeling in my jaw. I told Amber of this and we decided we would address this too.

There was plenty to talk about and Amber was very patient and attentive, she wrote notes and encouraged me to talk. I find that very easy in her company. This is very important to me as I never have really spoken about how I feel and how the last twelve years has affected me.

During the session I had the feeling of complete relaxation I wasn’t worried to close my eyes and let myself drift into the safe place Amber had created for me.

The feeling of relaxation was accompanied with a kaleidoscope of colours drifting in and out of my vision which were dominated by purple and blue. As Amber tuned in to me I could feel her presence all around me and that gave me a great sense of wellbeing.

There was a definite and immediate connection between myself and Amber as I could feel the focus of her energy and I could feel the stress moving away from me as she worked.

Afterward I felt that the pain in my jaw had gone but more than that, I felt a real sense that something had shifted in me and I felt more balanced and focused than I had in years.

This was my first treatment, but it wasn’t disappointing! We spoke further and Amber recommended some reading to me and I will speak of those books in future writings.

 I left feeling that I had been introduced to a treatment that would help balance me physically, mentally and spiritually, something I’d never thought would be possible again and I was on my way to finding a way back to myself.